About the company

Our Company exists in Republic Komi some years. It was created as the innovative processing enterprise capable not only to solve the important problems connected with returning in manufacture of secondary resources and improvement of ecological conditions in our Republic, but also constantly to develop and be improved, to work qualitatively and reliably.

For today of Open Company "Shrott" is the company a having network of industrial platforms in all cities of the Republic Komi, many regional centers. All structural divisions of our company are equipped by the most newest equipment, technics and mechanisms. We constantly increase volumes of deliveries of scrap metal, we involve in cooperation the increasing number of the industrial, building and processing enterprises of Republic.

On a principal view of activity of Open Company "Shrott" is one of leading enterprises on breakage processing in Republic Komi.

The basic consumers of production made by us are: Open Society "Severstal", Open Society «Magnitogorsk metallurgical industrial complex», РУП «the Belorussian metal works», Open Society «Ashinsky metallurgical industrial complex» and other industrial complexes which marked time and again our enterprise, as the reliable partner.

Technological possibilities of our enterprise allow to overwork more than 200000 tons of a breakage annually, elements of such process are:

— A network of the conveniently territorially located industrial platforms in the cities of Vorkutas, Inta, Pechora, Usinsk, Ukhta, Mikun, Syktyvkar;

— The big park of specialized technics with round the clock operating dispatching center;

— Presence of replaceable containers for warehousing and transportation of a breakage and a dangerous waste;

— The extensive client base, which service effectively carries out an account service;

— Granting of services in dismantle of a metalware and the equipment of various degree of complexity;

— Official participation in realization of the governmental programs connected with the vehicle which has left operation, and processing of a dangerous waste.

Processing of a breakage and waste black and nonferrous metals, and also gathering and transportation of an industrial dangerous waste is carried out now on 6 industrial platforms with application of high technologies and the modern equipment.

Company distinctive feature — high technical equipment. On industrial platforms of Open Company "Shrott" alligator scissors, the press for packing are maintained Breakage, hydraulic press scissors for dredges - loading cranes of a breakage of metal and other elevating mechanisms are sharp scrap metal of German firm «Metso Minerals» («Lindemann»).

In a direction on processing of a breakage and a waste of nonferrous metals our company has concentrated the efforts to application of an industrial way of extraction of nonferrous metals from a waste of a cable, units and various parts of mechanisms and the equipment. All formed color and black breakage passes the spectral analysis and is divided into groups on the physical and chemical properties.

All Structural divisions of Open Company "Shrott" are equipped by the modern automobile and railway weight equipment.

Our enterprise has own accredited radiological laboratory, all industrial platforms are equipped by stationary systems of detection of radioactive materials "Amber", dosimeters-radio measures.

One more distinctive feature of the company of Open Company "Shrott" is mobility, efficiency in decision-making that is reached at the expense of the harmonious and accurate work of small collective of highly professional managers and the heads working in the market of metals since 2000, allocated with the right of decision-making and bearing personal responsibility for their realization.