Our diplomas

The letter on participation in "the All-Russia business rating"


The diploma of the participant of VII international conference "Retsikling of a waste"

For active participation in conference and assistance in industry advancement the vehicle which has left operation a waste in Russia.


The letter of thanks

From collective of Komi of Branch of the Savings Bank of Russia of Open Society


The certificate of honor from Komi regional public welfare fund of veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic Komi "Care"

For the charitable help and support in the decision of social problems of veterans of law-enforcement bodies and internal troops, families of employees of law-enforcement bodies and the internal troops which were lost at execution of an office debt.


The diploma

It is given out the participant of the All-Russia meeting "Formation of the industry processing a waste in the Russian Federation: the Condition, problems, legal regulation"


The letter of thanks


Сertificate of degree

For participation and a victory in amateur automobile competition "Races without rules - season closing"



"A match of week - 2009" From GU РК "the Center of the social help to a family and children of Syktyvkar"