You need to hand over scrap metal at as much as possible favourable prices?
With us already work more than 10 000 enterprises for breakage delivery.
You need to hand over and take out industrial wastes?
We have the license for gathering and transportation of industrial wastes in all territory of Komi.
Technical oxygen is necessary to you?
We make and we realize technical quality oxygen.
You need to spend a spectral analysis of metal alloys?
The analysis of metal scrap is performed using X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Niton XL2 980 GOLD.


20 March 2014
Just Be On Time to Sell the Scrap Before Road Blocking!
The terms of traffic current limitation on the Komi roads had been confirmed.
13 January 2014
Changes in Hours of Operation
From the 14th of January hours of operation will change in all subdivisions of the Shrott Company. Bring scrap from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.
18 December 2013
The Shrott opens a nonferrous metal scrap-yard in Ukhta!

From the 19th of December we will wait for the persons who sell for a nonferrous scrap at the platform of the Shrott company. Our address: Ukhta, Belgop, Industrialnaya Street, between Building 5 and Building 9.

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Company Shrott

Our Company exists in Republic Komi some years. It was created as the innovative processing enterprise capable not only to solve the important problems connected with returning in manufacture of secondary resources and improvement of ecological conditions in our Republic, but also constantly to develop and be improved, to work qualitatively and reliably.

For today of Open Company "Shrott" is the company a having network of industrial platforms in all cities of the Republic Komi, many regional centers. All structural divisions of our company are equipped by the most newest equipment, technics and mechanisms. We constantly increase volumes of deliveries of scrap metal, we involve in cooperation the increasing number of the industrial, building and processing enterprises of Republic.

On a principal view of activity of Open Company "Shrott" is one of leading enterprises on breakage processing in Republic Komi.